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Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Strive2Write Reading & Writing Units Included with Membership:

Informational Reading & Writing

Through the incorporation of text annotation, note taking, and highlighting, students will read to comprehend a variety of informational texts intended for their grade level. Additionally, they will practice by engaging in mini writing assignments as they learn about the various text structures, as well as engage in composing larger research papers.

Argument Reading & Writing

This course offers students everything they need in order to build a solid foundation for reading and writing opinion and/or persuasive essays. Students in this course will be engaged in both reading comprehension and writing composition lessons, and develop the confidence to compose 5 paragraph writing pieces independently.

Narrative Reading & Writing

Students will have several comprehension strategies for reading literature under their belt after engaging in this course. One of the most important aspects in story development is first understanding the various parts of the plot. Students will learn this and begin by writing personal narratives at level 1, more creative styles of storytelling at level 2 and sophisticate their skillset at Level 3.

Creative Expressions

The Creative Expressions course offers students a chance to engage in creative projects that will inspire them to think outside the box and express themselves in various creative ways. Students will learn everything they need to know about how to write and illustrate poetry in many different forms, develop storyboards/comics for storytelling, write memoirs for many occasions, and design using digital platforms such as Google Slides, Google Sites and Canva. Finally, students will have the opportunity to practice journaling and/or mock blogging. 

Test Taking Skills & Strategies

This course offers students applicable strategies for studying, reading comprehension, writing and test-taking. These skills include the process and application of note-taking, text annotation, and test-taking specific skills for answering multiple choice questions. Additionally, students will learn skills and strategies for composing organized writing to text-based questions, aka Open Responses. This includes the process of incorporating direct quotes and/or paraphrased information.

Strictly Writing Mini Courses

Although we offer many courses that suit students of all ages, S2W membership holders also have access to mini writing courses, guiding them in the writing process of developing narratives, research papers, open responses, letters, speeches, argument essays and more!

Grammar Essentials

This course package is great for those looking to build a foundation in grammar and punctuation, later advancing and eventually sophisticating their skillset at their own individual pace. This course breaks down the basics, walking students through the note taking process, while guiding them in developing the skills required to apply proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation to their writing.


Strive2Write offers several options for students to engage in writing many styles of poetry. Our writing templates that accompany our lessons for poetry guide students in the format of different styles of poetry, including applying various rhyming patterns to their writing.

Summer Reading, Writing & Creating

This course focuses on keeping students reading, writing and staying sharp with the skills they have acquired while engaging in the S2W learning platform. Because S2W does its best to make the learning experience fun, this course taps into students' interests and offers ways in which students can enjoy learning over the summer!

Strive2Write has been approved by the NH Department of Education to be a Learn Everywhere Program Provider. This allows students to recieve High School English credit when engaging in our courses outside of the classroom! This is HUGE!!!