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Tutoring for Students in Grades 2-12 (Learn More Below!)

Reading Tutoring

Writing Tutoring

Sibling Sessions

$65/75 min
(Up to 3 Siblings)


**Pricing can be adjusted if groups are scheduled to align with courses

Individual Session

$50/hour without purchase of reading and/or writing courses

$40/hour with purchase of reading and writing courses/homeschool program


**Pricing can be adjusted if groups are scheduled to align with courses

Group Sessions

Groups of 2- $25/student/hour

Groups of 3–4 –$20/student/60- 75 minutes

Groups of 5 + – $12/student/75 minutes

**Pricing can be adjusted if groups are scheduled to align with courses

Revise & Edit Feedback and/or Placement Service

Accompanied by a Video Walk Through

Strive2Write’s feedback service is a great way for students to improve as writers. Students simply share a paper they have written with S2W. We will review the paper, and send back a a copy of the document with  suggested revisions and edits. This service is accompanied with a video “walk through”.  The video talks through the suggestions, and the entire revise and editing process. This is a great opportunity for students to learn and grow as writers, while working on their own time!

Feedback & Placement Service Pricing Grid:
Feedback service is offered as an “Add On” option at Checkout with Purchase of S2W Courses and Membership
Placement Service- This offer includes a consult with families and students to better understanding the expected outcomes looking to achieve for students. It also includes an initial  evaluation of student writing. Both the consult and evaluation will  help S2W determine where the student would benefit to begin with the S2W self-paced courses. 


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Feedback for up to 4 Writing Assignments (Without Course Purchase)- This service is offered for those who may have another method of learning to write,  but are not participating in the S2W educational program. For instance, students may simply be looking for feedback on how they can improve a writing assignment they are completing for school.  We can help!

This offer can be extended over the course of one year. 


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Feedback for up to 2 Writing Assignments (Without Course Purchase)- This is the same offer as above, but with 2 writing assignments, rather than 4. 


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 One Year Feedback Membership (Without Course Purchase)-This service offers unlimited feedback on writing assignments for an entire year    

We can customize courses and/or online sessions to meet a variety of individual and group requests and needs.

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