Full Course: Argument Reading and Writing-Level 2


Students in this course will learn everything about the elements that should be incorporated in reading and writing argument essays, also known as persuasive writing. By first analyzing the structure of argument essays, students are provided with a gradual release approach in order to build the necessary skills to eventually compose a 6-8 paragraph argument essay with confidence. This unit teaches students how to gather reliable sources in order to effectively support a claim in an argument essay. It offers explicit instruction in how to support claims with text evidence, and it even walks students through the steps of properly including in text citiations using MLA formatting. 

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Argument Level 2 Course Goals:By the end of this unit, students will be able to confidently plan, organize and compose a 6-8 paragraph argument essay.  Students will also learn reading comprehension techniques, such as text annotation and paraphrasing in order to effectively gather information from reliable sources and accurately quote or paraphrase in their own writing. 

Courses In this Offer Include:

S2W Introduction Course Overview

_Level 2- Argument Course Overview

Best for Students Who:

  • Have a foundation for organizing and writing 5 paragraph opinion/persuasive essays

  • Are ready to advance in applying reading comprehension strategies

  • Are ready to advance by properly adding text evidence, while supporting claims in an argument essay effectively.

  • Simply enjoy writing and want to advance in writing in this style


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