S2W Summer Program

This course is an incredible “Bang for Your Buck!” and awesome opportunity to keep students actively  reading and writing over the summer.  Students will practice writing in several different forms, including narrative, persuasive and informational. They will have the opportunity to write reflections about the fun they are doing over the summer, in paragraph form, and will have several creative options to choose from. This course is guaranteed to keep students excited about reading, writing and creating over the summer!



View/Print Course Overview: S2W’s Full Summer Course Lesson Descriptions

Full Reading and Writing Summer Course- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

The following lessons are included in this incredible Summer Course:

UNIT I: Welcome Starter Unit! 

UNIT II: Narratives (Personal and Creative Stories) and Writing About Reading 

UNIT III: Implementing the S2W Five Paragraph Plan – Writing Reflections, Writing Persuasive Essays, Writing Mini  Research Papers etc.

UNIT IV: Incorporating Creative Elements Into Reading and Writing 


Consider becoming a S2W Member where your child (children) can access ALL Strive2Write courses. There is a 7 day trial period in which case you can cancel at any time before even being charged. Once enrolled as a member, you can cancel future monthly payments at any time. This is the best option to allow your child to progress in many forms of both reading comprehension, writing composition, while also engaging in some of our creative options. We encourage families to enroll now, locking in your membership price while they are at an all time low.

S2W Individual Membership-$26/month

S2W Family Membership (2+ Students)- $48/month