Full Course: Informational Reading and Writing – Level 3


This course focuses on analyzing both biographies and autobiographies, and later composing a writing piece in this style. In an effort to support our students who purchase with the “Early Bird” price for this Informational Course, we have included bonus courses (listed in descrition) to assist in keeping scholars learning.



This bundle is being offered at an “Early Purchase” Discount as the Informational Unit is not yet available. However, it will be available no later that February 20, 2024 in full, with Level One available much sooner, making this an incredible deal with the Bonus Courses Offered. Read more Below!

View/Print Course Overview:Level 3- Informational Course Overview

This course is intended for advanced students, typically at the High School level who have a strong foundation in reading comprehension and writing composition of informational texts. Through the incorporation of text annotation, note taking, and highlighting, students will read to comprehend a variety of biographies of interest, eventually writing both biographies and autobiographies themselves.  

The Informational Course will be avaiavle no later that February 20, 2024

Courses In this Offer Include:

✅Level 3-Informational

Bonus Courses:

S2W Introduction Course Overview

Test Taking Skills and Strategies Mini Course Overview

Hero’s Journey Storytelling Mini Course Overview

Best for Students Who:

  • Advanced students looking to sophisticate their writing skills by writing biographies

  • Students looking for guidance in sophisticating their writing skills

Informational Level 3 Course Goals:

By the end of this course, students will  be able to confidently apply comprehension strategies in analyzing biographies and autobiographies, later applying such techniques to their own writing. 


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