Full Course: Grammar Essentials and Note Taking- Level 1


The Grammar Essentials Level 1 is intended to guide students in becoming more aware of the basics of how to capitalize, punctuate and incorporate proper grammar into their writing. These Grammar Essentials lessons are aligned to the National Common Core Standards for grades 3-5, but, again, this does not mean that many students do not need to start here. These lessons are intended to help students build a solid foundation in their grammar, capitalization and punctuation skills.



Grammar Essentials  Level 1 Course Goals:

By the end of this unit, students will have a solid foundation in the most essential components for grammar and punctuation. 

Best for Students Who:

  • Need to build a foundation in grammar and punctuation, or may be lacking some of the essentials required for composing clear and  concise sentences. 
  • Want to learn note taking techniques

View/Print Grammar Essentials Overview: Level 1- Grammar Essentials

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