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Creative Storytelling
5 Paragraph Reflection Writing- 2024 Resolutions!
Test Taking Skills and Strategies

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This option provides access to courses that include all three levels of our full courses that S2W also refers to as Core Units. This is a great option for families who have children at multiple ages and/or those looking to see all of their children progress, over time and at their individual pace.

A full course includes a complete instructional breakdown for reading and writing within a particular genre. Full courses include an average of 15-35 videos (Level 1 containing more instruction, as it is building the foundation), and over 60 resource sheets that accompany the videos lessons. These include a mix of rubrics, student checklists, S2W writing plans, writing examples, writing templates, reference sheets, worksheets, templates etc.

Through our self-paced instructional videos,  these courses guide students in engaging learning experiences through all 3 phases of the S2W learning platform. All full courses include an application of both reading and writing skills, as we fully foster this methodology for literacy instruction.

Level one courses are best for students in grades 4-9, but could be followed by older students who may need to fill in any gaps, in order to build the foundation for reading and writing in a particular area.

Level 1 Courses are slightly more expensive as they offer the most instructional guidance. These lessons provide students with the necessary foundational skills for reading and writing in the various forms. All Level 1 courses also come with the Strive2Write Introductory Unit. These lessons help students adjust to the S2W learning platform, providing instruction in additional foundational skills necessary for writing. 

Level 2 Courses are aligned to standards at the middle school level, but may be appropriate for a wide range of students. Again, reach out to discuss placement options. All Level 2 courses, especially when accompanied by Level 1, are bound to equip both middle and high school students with the skills and strategies necessary in order to be confident readers and writers, within the particular genre/style of writing. 

Level 3 Courses are aligned to high school standards, and may even be suitable for college students, and/or adults looking to sharpen their reading and writing skills. These courses are intended for students who are advanced in the basic skills needed for both reading comprehension and writing composition.

All S2W students learn and grow at their own pace following our self-paced courses.

A mini course focuses strictly on providing students with the basic skills for what is outlined in a particular mini course description. Our mini courses typically focus strictly on the writing process, but also offer options for test taking strategies and creative projects. There are an average of 3-5 instructional videos, with an average of 10-15  resources to accompany the course. These include a mix of rubrics, student checklists, writing examples, writing templates, reference sheets, worksheets, templates etc.

Single Lessons come with one video and 2-4 resources that accompany the particular lesson/skills being taught. Try some of the single lessons we offer today for FREE!

This option offers customers the choice to purchase all of the S2W Master Resources that do NOT include our instructional, self-paced videos. Some of the options include purchasing  the S2W Copyrighted Curriculum Outlines, which are accompanied by our leveled rubrics, student checklists, S2W writing plans, writing examples, writing templates, reference sheets, worksheets, etc. You may also purchase the resources separately, such as our various writing plans and writing exemplars, depending on the particular style of writing you are looking for.


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Level 3 Logic and Rhetoric Course Available January 20, 2024

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