Full Course: Narrative Reading and Writing-All Levels:


Students in this course will learn everything about the elements that are included in reading and writing narratives (aka stories/literature/fiction). Students will analyze the books they are reading at their own level, and apply skills and strategies in order to confidently write narrative stories themselves. These self-paced narrative courses will allow students to progress at their individual level, eventually mastering comprehension of literature and composition of creative stories. See description for more details. 


Package  Overview:

This is a self paced course that includes video lessons walking students through the reading and writing process associated with this genre. At level 1, students will build a foundation in reading and writing narratives, while also organizing and developing a personal narrative. At level 2, they will advance  by analyzing and developing more creative stories in various points of view and choices of settings (historical fiction, realitic fiction, fantasy, scienec fiction etc.) Finally, level 3 helps students sophisticate as readers and writers as they learn to incorporate character archetyes and storyarchetypes, including the 12 stages of a hero’s journey, into their writing composiiton. 

Courses In this Package Include:

✅S2W Intro Unit

✅Narrative Level 1

✅Narrative Level 2

✅Narrative Level 3

Best for Students Who:

  • Need to build a foundation for organizing and writing narratives and want to advance,  and later sophisticate their skillset, at their own pace.

  • Need help with comprehension strategies for reading literature 

  • Enjoy Creative Writing

Number of Self-Paced Videos and Resources In this Offer Include:

# of videos: 60-90 (with Intro bonus course)

# of Resources: 100+

View/Print Package Overview: ALL LEVELS- Narrative Reading & Writing Package Overview_Outline

View/Print Bonus Intro Course: S2W Introduction Course Overview