A Placement Service


This service is a great way to understand where your child should start with Strive2Write courses. If looking for a course wihin a specific genre, this option is the best way to start in order to understand where they should beging based on their specific writing capabilities. If you become a member, this service is offered for free upon signing up, so S2W can assist in customizing the learning experience for each student.


Upon signing up for the placement service, you will recieve and email from Strive2Write – admin@strive2write.com. We will learn more about what are you are looking to see your child grow in the most and offer a writing prompt. Once they complete the writing assignment, we will offer suggestions for where they should begin. We can assist students in all areas of reading and writing!

Consider becoming a S2W member where you receieve the placement service for free upon signing up, as well as a 7 day free trial!


Consider becoming a S2W Member where your child (children) can access ALL Strive2Write courses. There is a 7 day trial period in which case you can cancel at any time before even being charged. Once enrolled as a member, you can cancel future monthly payments at any time. This is the best option to allow your child to progress in many forms of both reading comprehension, writing composition, while also engaging in some of our creative options. We encourage families to enroll now, locking in your membership price while they are at an all time low.

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