Full Course: Narrative Reading and Writing-Level 2


This level 2 Narrative course builds on the previous foundation students have established in narrative writing. This course offers scholars more advanced components and writing techniques associated with narrative reading and writing. Students who participate in this course should have a foundation in reading and writing narratives (see more in the description to understand more). Students will learn about various settings (subcategories of narrative reading and writing) and apply this to composing their own creative narrative. This month, the creative energy when engaging in this course can be applied to developing a holiday/winter story!



Narrative Level 2 Course Goals:

By the end of this course, students will advance in their comprehension strategies for reading literature, and they will be able to go through the entire writing process of composing a creative narrative from a different point of view. The following standards are addressed throughout this course:

Courses In this Offer Include:

✅S2W Intro Unit

✅Narrative Level 2

Best for Students Who:

  • Have a foundation in reading and writing narratives, and can identify the various parts of a plot in stories.

  • Are ready to advance in applying  comprehension strategies for reading literature 

  • Enjoy Creative Writing

Print/View the Course Overview:

LEVEL 2- Narrative Reading & Writing Course Overview_

Bonus Course included in this offer:

S2W Introduction Course Overview

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