Individual Tutoring Sessions


The tutoring will last for 6 weeks, one hour, one day a week sessions (all starting the week of 7/8/24). Each session is $50/per student per hour. This is being charged as a one time payment of $250 upon checkout. Refunds per session are availble if the 6 sessions are not able to be completed for any reason on either party’s side. If you would like an option to pay for indivdual sessions, please reach out via text to 603-401-1222.


Unlock your child’s potential with our personalized tutoring services for students in grades 2-12. Our experienced tutors specialize in reading, writing, math, and more, offering tailored support to meet each student’s unique needs.

S2W is specialized to tutor in numerous subject areas,  but we are particularly skilled at teaching reading and writing to students in grades 2-9. For younger students, in grades 9 and up we can still support scholars by helping the to improve their overall reading comprehension and/or writing composition skills.

For reading, with students in grades 4 and up, we specialize in helping  these scholars improve their reading fluency, as well as instilling lifelong comprehension strategies. We are also specialized at helping students become more confident test takers, for both reading and writing.

For younger writers, we start with grades 2 and 3 by helping  these younger learners build the basic foundation for writing, including composing complete sentences, and formulating well structured paragraphs.

For students in grades 4 and up, we help students build confidence as writers. We teach students the basics of sentence structure and grammar, offer tools for planning and composing 5 paragraph (or more in older grades) writing pieces. Overall, we help students build a foundation, advance or sophisticate their skill set based on where they currently are with their reading and writing competency.

The skills S2W offers in their tutoring sessions will surely help students become more confident readers and writers.

We also offer tutoring for math for students in grades 2-6.