Single Lesson: Storyboarding 101


This lesson walks students through the process of drawing the various parts of the plot, using what S2W calsl a “Storyboard”. This will offer a great opportunity for students to tap into their creative side when planning a story. 



This “Single Lesson” comes with a bonus lesson to help students build the foundation for “Storyboarding”, which is our Narrative 101 lesson.

Although this lesson guides you using a winter story, The Sentimental Snowman, you can create storyboards for any story you wish. If you love to draw, this is a great way to practice laying out the different parts of the plot, while also including an artistic element. If drawing is not your favorite thing to do (stick figures work here too!), the storyboard can still be helpful practice for picking out the most important components of your plot. This is a fun and engaging activity for students to practice including the most important parts of a plotline using drawings!