Full Course: Argument Reading and Writing-Level 1


This course offers students everything they need in order to build a solid foundation for reading and writing opinion and/or persuasive essays. Students in this course will be engaged in both reading comprehension and writing composition lessons, and gain the confidence to compose 5 paragraph opinion writing pieces independently upon completion of the course. 



Argument Level 1 Course Goals:

By the end of this unit, students will be able to confidently plan, organize and compose a 5 paragraph opinion/persuasive essay.  Students will also learn reading comprehension techniques, such as text annotation and paraphrasing in relation to analyzing opinion/persuasive essays in order to confidently answer open responses to text passages. The following standards are addressed throughout this course:

Courses In this Offer Include:

S2W Introduction Course Overview

Level 1- Argument Course Overview

Best for Students Who:

  • Need to build a foundation for organizing and writing 5 paragraph opinion/persuasive essays

  • Need help with comprehension strategies 

  • Simply enjoy writing and want to learn to write this style of writing


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